Smart Park Identity

Smart Park” is the first hybrid Retail Park in Greece, situated on land that covers 91 acres, of which 30 acres have been turned into parks. Our country’s most powerful and significant retail brand names will be featured in retail areas that cover 50,000 square meters. Smart Park is distinguished for its great architectural aesthetics, its abundance of free space, its well-kept malls and its outdoor activities. Together with its cinemas, restaurants and the play land, it is one of a kind in Greece.“

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Smart Park’s Developer is Yialou Emporiki & Touristiki S.A. which is 100% owned by REDS S.A.

REDS S.A. ( ) which is a member of ELLAKTOR Group of Companies ( and listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, is one of the top real-estate development companies in Greece.

Our investment interest is focused on the development of Retail Parks, Commercial & Entertainment Centers, Organized Residential Complexes, Exhibition Centers, as well as Office buildings and buildings for Mixed Purposes.

Our strategy relies on identifying real-estate properties with high development prospects at an attractive price, on securing zoning and on sealing cooperation with distinguished architects, designers, tenants, financers and operators with the purpose of developing and operating facilities that bring high commercial success. The advantage taking of synergies with other business units of the ELLAKTOR Group of Companies plays a definitive role in the implementation of the above strategy.

REDS S.A. runs its business in Greece and Romania and aims at expanding further in South-Eastern Europe. Our portfolio consists of projects that have received awards and international recognition which highlight our identity, as well as the way we do business.